Hospital meals – why are they so important?

Correct nutrition plays a key role in the treatment process. Adequate diet provides a patient with the appropriate amount of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals which are indispensable for the system to regenerate and for the immune system to strengthen. Proper nutrition helps in healing the wounds, reconstructing the tissues, sustaining the proper nutrition status, it also assists the drugs in working properly.

Some of the diseases and medical procedures can affect the patient’s appetite and his/her ability to digest food. In such cases, providing them with the correctly prepared meals can be vital. High quality meals, which are tasty and visually-appealing, can increase the patient’s appetite, excite his digestive system as well as increase the chances of digesting the drugs effectively. The patients are also more inclined to eat whole meals which look and taste well and which can be selected from the available menu.

Do not only good hospital meals satisfy physiological needs but they also influence patients’ well being and their morale. Tasty and attractive meals can lift the patient’s spirits, increase his comfort and improve the quality of their hospital stay.

It also has positive impact on the costs of the treatment when viewed globally. The situation in which the patients consume their meals better considerably reduces the amount of waste as well as food wasting.


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