Cook&Chill explained…

Cook&Chill is a technology of meal preparation which entails cooking the dishes and subsequently cooling them down fast and storing them in low temperature. After cooling, the meals are stored in adequate containers which ensure the situation in which the quality and freshness of the dishes is preserved.

Cook&Chill system had been created in the USA. This is where, as early as the 1960s, the first concept of using mass kitchen technology which makes use of pre-planned cooling and warming of meals was born. In Europe, it was a decade later that such a system started to shape, and the peak of its development came in the 1980s and it lasts to this day. As far as Polish hospital catering is concerned, Cook&Chill will start to operate for the first time in 2023.

Main advantages of Cook&Chill method include:

Safety of the food: Fast cooling of the meals prevents the bacteria and other microorganisms from proliferating which in turn helps to sustain the safety of the food.

Preserving the quality: Fast cooling allows to preserve the taste, texture and nutritional value of the meals which is crucial, especially in the case of a larger-scale cooking.

Productivity: Prepared meals can be stored for some time which allows for better time management in the kitchen and for increasing its productivity.

Planning the menu: Cook&Chill method makes it possible to prepare more meals in advance which makes it easier to plan menu for the patients.

Patient meals prepared in the Cook-Chill system have been served in many European and world countries for over 60 years now.


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