Safety of the meals

Hospital meals constitute a part of the treatment and a source of valuable nutrients which assist in the patient’s recovery process. However, they can also be a perfect environment for various microorganisms to develop in. In the Cook&Chill system the level of microbiological safety is higher than in the case of traditional Cook&Serve system.

Safety of the meals in the Cook&Chill technology constitutes its crucial dimension. Here are a few key safety-related issues of this technology:

Fast cooling – One of the key components of the Cook&Chill technology is fast cooling of the cooked meals. The cooling happens as fast as possible in order to limit the growth of microorganisms and minimise the risk of bacteria proliferation. In order to lower the temperature of the meals fast, we use adequate cooling appliances.

Monitoring the temperature – During the Cook&Chill process it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the dishes, both during cooking and during cooling. Ensuring adequate temperatures is essential to safety of the food. Dishes are cooled down to the temperature of 3°C in order to minimise the risk of bacteria proliferation.

Adequate containers – Meals cooked in accordance with Cook&Chill method are stored in adequate containers which ensure proper insulation and impenetrability. These containers are intended for low-temperature use and they meet the food safety standards.

Storing period – Dishes prepared in accordance with Cook&Chill technology have a defined storing period which depends on the type of the dish and on the guidelines concerning food safety.

Proper heating – Before consuming, the meals cooked in accordance with Cook&Chill method are heated up to the proper temperature in order to ensure safety of the food. The indicated heating devices are applied, in order for the meal to be evenly heated throughout.

When we look after the proper cooling, storing and heating of the dishes we minimise the risk related to bacteria proliferation and food poisoning.


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