Meal selection – the key to satisfaction of the patient

Meal selection is crucial in terms of patients being satisfied with their hospital stay. Offering the possibility to choose his meals to the patient can have positive impact on his/her hospitalisation experience.

Each patient has different qulinary preferences and as for the tastes and food predilections they are a very personal issue. By providing the patients with the possibility to choose from among various meal options, the hospital can guarantee a situation in which the patients receive food which satisfies their individual preferences. Subsequently, it helps to improve their food satisfaction, to speed up their recovery and improve their general well-being.

Hospitalisation can turn out to be such a period in which the patients feel like they are losing control over their own life. By providing them with the possibility to choose meals, the hospital broadens patients’ autonomy and control over what they eat. It can have positive impact on the patient’’s mental status and improve his sense of participating in the treatment process.

In addition, meal selection makes it possible to take individual diet needs of the patient into account. Some patients may have nutrition restrictions due to allergies, food sensitivity, chronic diseases or selected nutrition styles. By providing the patients with the possibility to choose meals, we make it possible for them to adapt the dishes to their needs which can contribute to the fact that they will follow their diet more strictly thus improving their tests results.

Some hospital patients may have issues with their appetite or with losing the willingness to eat. By providing them with the possibility to choose from among various tastes we can excite their appetite and encourage eating. Tasty and attractive meals which fullfill patient’s preferences can increase his motivation to to accept food and improve his overall nutrition status.

That is why, when the hospitals provide the patients with the opportunity to choose meals, the latter will feel more pleased with their meals and interested in them. Meal selection does not only impact the patient’s satisfaction but it also can contribute to better nutrition, wellbeing and test results.


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